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High-Rise, Elementary Provide Lesson in Partnership

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A newspaper article about the public-private partnership between Oyster Elementary School and the LCOR Inc. development company.

Bilingual Plan Draws Bitter Words in D.C.

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A newspaper article from the Washington Post about consequences of implementing a bilingual education program at H.D. Cooke Elementary School.

Modelo Dual de Reform Academic Del Lenguaje de Oyster - Proyecto Omar

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Summary of Oyster Elementary School's dual language model.

Mision de le Eschuela Bilingue Oyster/ The Mission of the Oyster Bilingual Elementary School

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This is a handout that includes the mission of the Oyster Bilingual Elementary School in English and Spanish

At D.C.'s Oyster Elementary, the Wait Ends

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A Washington Post newspaper article from January 24, 2002 about a new process for for managing the wait for parents trying to gain admittance for their children to J.F. Oyster Bilingual Elementary.

Rhee Dismisses Principal of School That Her Children Attend

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A Washington Post newspaper article about Michelle Rhee's firing of the long-serving principal of the dual-immersion Oyster-Adams Principal Marta Guzman.

School Days in Washington, D.C. at the Turn of the Century 1895-1905 Reminiscences of Katharine Howes Wead

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1962 Reminiscences of Katharine Howes Wead's experiences in the D.C. schools 1895-1905